Essanté Organics Website

Essanté Organics’ current website is built on Trinity Software Firestorm platform. This is a powerful database-driven network marketing engine with sophisticated shopping cart functionality that is required in a network marketing environment.

The site required extensive design branding modification, functional UX design of the shopping process as well as enrollment and “replicated website” functionality. This allows enrollment and any purchases made on the distributor websites to be credited to the website owner.

The enormous amount of content management, design, programming, and development required for this is too vast for a brief summary, but a few points regarding John Roberts Design tasks are mentioned here:

  • Branding and design of all visual elements
  • Content management
  • CSS modification and design
  • JAVASCRIPT projects for functions outside the platform
  • Interactive form construction
  • Slideshow construction, functionality and design
  • Project management
  • Shopping cart product creation, modification and management
  • Trinity Firestorm System expertise
  • Back office css and javascript (members login area)
  • Ads and promotions as needed by Marketing

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