Product Renderings

In just about every case in products I have worked with, we have a label finished for quite some time prior to having the product filled, and ready for sale.

For this reason is is very important to create renderings, or realistic simulations if you will, of what the product will look like.

As a designer, in the design phase it helps to “sell the idea” to management, as it is often hard to judge the label alone, flat and simple. With the label in place, with a nice polished rendering, it essentially “frames” the image in a way that looks real, and attractive and gives more of a “wow” factor.

Going forward, that rendering is often used to display the product even in the final catalog, or shopping cart.

Thus, the significance of a clean, attractive rendering.

The method that John Roberts Design uses starts out with a photograph of the jar or tube etc, then the label is carefully produced in a 3D environment to match as closely as possible the perspective of the container. You can see that they look very nice when finished.