Product Labeling / Renderings

The personal care line of products for Essanté Organics required a strong label solution to marry the visual component to a very equally high quality product. The products are of course based upon organic ingredients and they are absolutely delightful to use.

For example using Sweet ‘n Shower gives the experience of being in a sudden downpour wrapped in the lush rainforests of Kauai. Add to that the scent of ultra-ripe mangoes blending with the drops of rain as they descend from heaven and you get a little closer to mentally experiencing this product. It is a truly multi-sensual experience.

For the Sweet n’ Shower design, a high resolution image of sliced mango accents the rich mango-orange gradient that tapers about 2/3 from the bottom to reveal a pure silver foil at the top end. The translucent ink becomes luminous at the bottom where it is a full 100% density, though even opaque inks are not fully opaque, allowing the silver to dazzle up the ink. The effect is a high fashion and ultra natural blend. These products are as nice to look at as they are to use.

In just about every case, once a product label is completed, long before it is printed and in inventory ready for shipping, promotions and advertising need to occur. A product that does not yet exist cannot be photographed. But that does not mean it cannot be shown.

Product renderings: enter stage left. Product renderings, give a high gloss look to what that product can look like on a good day. They can be placed in product promos as well as the actual product catalog. They are very versatile as they can be placed on any background, or they look really nice and clean on white with a subtle shadow and reflection.

I typically create these early in the process, in the design approval phase. This helps to “sell the idea” to management as it is often hard for non artist types to visualize what the finished product will look like just from the flat file. With the label in place on a nice polished rendering, it essentially “frames” the image in a way that looks real and attractive and gives more of a “wow” factor.

Thus, the significant value of a clean, attractive rendering cannot be overstated.

The method that I use begins with a high resolution photograph of the jar or tube etc, then the label is “wrapped” around a 3d cylinder in a Adobe Illustrator to match as closely as possible the perspective of the container. This gets polished off in Photoshop, where the reflection and shadow are added. You can see that they look very nice when finished.