Essanté Organics Website

The enormous amount of content management, design, programming, and development required for this site is too vast for a brief summary, but a few points regarding John Roberts Design tasks are mentioned here:

  • Branding and design of visual elements.
  • Content management.
  • CSS modification and design. This third party programmed site required extensive CSS reconstruction. Everything from font sizes, colors, layouts, functionality all required minute analysis and reconfiguration.
  • JAVASCRIPT projects for functions outside the platform. Included vast levels of intervention from basic navigation to extreme reconfiguration of tables, and ordering of elements to create a user experience we (Essanté Marketing and Design) required.
  • Interactive form construction and re-construction.
  • Slideshow construction, functionality and design
  • Project management, extensive content management.
  • Shopping cart product creation, modification and management.
  • Trinity Firestorm System expertise.
  • Back office css and javascript (members login area).
  • Ads and promotions as needed by Marketing.
  • Social Media sharing protocols and procedures.

Below, find Home Page, Menu Look, Detail Page, Cart Category Page. Also chart for Enrollment, featuring responsive view.