NetWare Connection Design

Here are some fun retro NetWork Connection magazine covers from the ’90’s!

I was the Creative Director for NetWare Connection Magazine during the time when Novell, Inc. was still a juggernaut of the networking world. Debbie Pearson was the Editor in Chief of NetWare Connection Magazine, and offered me a lot of creative freedom. These covers represent some of the concepts for lead articles. I directed the concepts with noteworthy illustrators at that time. The artists are listed below.

  1. Louis FishaufPublishing a Home Page
  2. Bill MayerJAVA on IntranetWare
  3. Bill MayerThe Millennium Bug
  4. Norman FelchleGames on the network
  5. John RobertsBased on historical movie archives.
  6. Debbie SumeWhen Disaster Strikes
  7. Bill BruningGigabit Ethernet
  8. Debbie SumeNetWare Telephony
  9. John RobertsSave the Net!

Project details

Creative Director

John Roberts