Product Labeling Essanté

Design Concept: A Fresh organic look and feel. The products have a natural scent and are non-toxic and promote health & wellbeing. We wanted a clean fresh look to reinforce brand loyalty and visually invigorate the senses. There are three separate categories represented. Body & Spa hair and shower products, Home Care products, and finally pH Nutrition.

The Body & Spa products are printed on silver tubes. I’ve achieved a difficult gradient effect which required spot color fading to fully transparent. This is more difficult than it would seem. We had to stay in close communication with our printer overseas to determine where the ink should be optimally fade to zero. It also required careful color selection for opacity, with the additional complexity of “trapping” of the larger text at the top as well as the plant image in the middle. “Trapping” is the intentional overlapping of the outer edge with the background color so that there aren’t gaps when running it on the physical printing press. Digital print does not require this as it is in perfect register at all times. The tubes look stunning in real life, and they smell incredible.

We craft 3D images to feature the labels and put the resulting high quality product images in various environments. Learn more about how these renderings are produced, and how this ability can streamline the marketing of products.

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