Power County Hospital Website

Power County Hospital District wanted to update their look. They wanted a more contemporary upbeat design that was forward looking, professional, yet friendly and inviting. It was required to be built with WordPress platform as the staff at PCHD was already familiar with editing procedures, as well as managing their employment process through Formidable Forms.

  • WordPress Required
    To enable continued editing relying upon the staff’s familiarity with the platform as well as powerful features that WordPress presents.
  • Formidable Forms configuration
    Previous website featured Formidable Forms employment management tools. Migration from previous website required extensive data export and re-integration for a seamless transition with past data available.
  • New Look and Feel
    Previous design was boxy and narrow. I proposed a full width look homepage with large impressive initial slides. I steered them away from their previous preference for putting links to important content in their slideshow. Content links should be in the body of the page rather than in a slideshow. Browser statistics are not supportive of multiple slides linking to important content.
  • Powerful Design Tools. The Theme had very attractive layouts with the ability to customize a particular layout look, and put it into a library for extensive use now, and on into the future.
  • Localized and Updated Content. The agency directed a photo-shoot resulting in a massive improvement in updated photography.

Project details

Web Development and Design

John Roberts


Power County Hospital District