Unity Telehealth WordPress Website

Unity Telehealth is a NetWork Marketing project allowing distributors to grow a business based upon telemedicine access.

The target market was described as “Millennial”. My client described it as edgy and exciting etc. The theme is based on the GoodLayers builder which is pretty solid.

Challenges that had to be resolved included:

  • Custom integration with customer management system.
    Since this is a portal for a proprietary customer management system, there had to be code implemented throughout that is useful for creating individualized website functions. These functions included the ability for customers to utilize a special URL such as “UnityTelehealth.com/tester” the term “tester” would trigger “replication”. Business owners can send or place that url in a document that will return a potential customer to their customized website. All purchase will then be credited to their account.
  • Custom floating share module.
    Social Media Sharing is a challenge with network marketing sites because the OG Tags have to include a url which triggers this replication function so when someone shares their webpage, anyone who clicks on any of the social media posts will be brought back to the business owner’s website. This enables business owners to share and increase their organization without fear of “losing” someone.
  • Custom buttons to match theme but that actually work.
    Handy theme supplied buttons corrupted the dynamic links required for the registration process. The solution was to create identical looking buttons that gave me control over the text/code.
  • Custom built plan comparison charts.
    These are responsive and match the corporate branding colors and look.
  • Solutions to WordPress theme issues.
    There are always glitches when implementing a WordPress theme. For example the ability to roll back to a previous page version was not functioning. The theme developers sent a patch for that. GoodLayers support has been excellent with this site, and the Power County Hospital website as well.

All in all, the WordPress installation went well, and it is a solid robust website. The client loves it, and it is attracting many customers.

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John Roberts


Unity Telehealth